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About Us

Simplicity, Practicality, Quality, and Beauty...

These are the keys to our quest to bring you the finest furniture from the Far East at the lowest possible prices. We do this by going straight to the source. We and our team of local experts comb the tiny shops and marketplaces that dot the dusty rural villages and picturesque farming communities of Central China's Shanxi region. There we have uncovered a veritable treasure trove of exquisite furnishings from the Ming and Qing dynasty and neighboring Tibet dating back 100 to 300 years. Our goal is to bring these unique pieces, with all their beauty and history, to you - one chair, one table, one piece of furniture at a time, all at volume discount prices.

This search can be long and arduous, seeing literally hundreds of pieces of furniture before finally finding one that meets our standards.It is well worth the effort, but the journey does not end there. Each piece is then meticulously restored to as close to its original condition as possible, using the same wood, the same paint, the same hardware, and the same methods that originally crafted these beautiful works centuries ago. Chinese artisans today still ply their time-honored craft, passed down from generation to generation, employing traditional mortise and tenon joint work and hand-painting techniques, eschewing modern shortcuts such as glue and nails.

Great care goes into every single detail to get it just right for you, including adapting our pieces to fit your modern needs - from enlarged TV cabinets to additional drawer space. Yet each retains the tradition, beauty, and authenticity of its own time and place; each a completely one-of-a kind antique that evokes a sense of history while still feeling entirely at home among today's contemporary and eclectic styles.

Terra Nova's exclusive collection of Asian furniture and accessories features strong simple, linear designs in bold black, red and natural lacquers, hand painted and carved facades, native woods, and sturdy brass and copper hardware. Our hope is for each of our distinctive pieces to bring to your home or office its own personal feeling of time and timelessness. We welcome you to browse and explore the fascinating culture that each chair, each table, each cabinet evinces and to take home a piece of ageless beauty.

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About Us