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Site Map

Altar & Console Tables
Borreze grey console table DOV2356
Teak root console table DOVSA6002
Antique console with drawers LD051
Antique small console table with drawers LD046
Antique carved console table KC050
Antique carved console table from India DVTRA7666
Black console table with drawers MB031b
Simple Asian vintage console table LE047
Antique slim console table LE097
Reclaimed wood painted console table with shelf MB063
Dunmore console table with drawers DVT2360
Reclaimed wood TV console with drawers and shelf LE040
Reclaimed wood slim console table with shelf LE006
Cohen reclaimed wood console table DOV2298
Havana console table with drawer DVTSHR8
Reclaimed wood hand painted console table with drawers NA012
Distressed blue console table with drawers LE025
Turquoise console table with drawers MB031tu
Blue console table with storage and shelf MA007
Painted slim console table LA070
Painted slim console table LA070
Burgundy console table with drawers NA031
Bright red console table with drawers NA031R
Antique side table with drawers LE041
Small console table with drawers LE014
Black console table with drawers and bottom shelf LE024
Lane console table with stone top DVTAO213
Hampton metal console table DVAG065
Channing steel console table AN056I
Madison metal and wood open console TV stand DOV2877
Teak bar counter with wine rack CH59028206

Armoires, Large Cabinets & Vitrines
Austin large vitrine cabinet DOV2319
Luis slim vitrine cabinet DOV11502
Antique armoire white finish NB019
Tall vitrine cabinet with glass doors and drawers DOV10001
Vintage tall teak cabinet with glass doors
Metal and wood tall Bryanston vitrine DVT3207
Metal and wood Bryanston industrial cabinet DVT3354
Metal and wood Bryanston cabinet DOV3219
Antique Chinese medicine cabinet with 43 drawers MA030
Hudson large greywash wood and glass cabinet DOV9806
Digby wood and glass cabinet DOV9828
Natural reclaimed wood tall cabinet LE060
Reclaimed wood tall cabinet LA056
Dundee large oak cabinet with sliding doors DOV148
Barnsley Cabinet DOV384
Reclaimed wood double armoire LA055
Large 4 door armoire LA055
Vincent tall vitrine DOV349
Hamilton large white hutch DOV3202

Beds & Headboards
Laurent button tufted bed
Melbourne canopy bed
Nantucket Bed
Aria distressed bed CH54001503
Hampton distressed bed CH54001283
Victoria Cal King bed DVTVI1512
Roma Bed brown finish
Hampton bed brown finish
Roma Bed black finish
Hampton bed black finish
Bolton headboard DVT1086

Bookcases & Shelves
Old Indian carved bookcase DOVRA9373
Large hand carved bookcase DVTID027
Large hand carved teak bookcase from India CH52010144
Open shelf black finish TAB235
Painted console shelf LA052
Painted console shelf LA052b
Old wood bookshelf on casters
Large industrial shelf with storage FDT035
Industrial steel and wood bookcase DVTAB173
Perth wood and steel bookcase DVT150
Crowley bookcase FDT3417
Madison metal and wood open console TV stand DOV2877

Buffets, Media Cabinets, Sideboards
Blue sideboard cabinet media console PA027bl
Charcoal sideboard cabinet media console PA027ch
Grey sideboard buffet cabinet media console PA027gy
Large blue sideboard cabinet media center PA028bl
Grey sideboard cabinet media console PA028gy
Large sideboard cabinet TV console NC022
Large reclaimed wood sideboard cabinet NC040
Large Indian sideboard cabinet with antique doors 59023567
Rustic reclaimed wood sideboard cabinet media console NB037
Antique carved low console NB035
TV Stand with Iron Base and Sliding Door
Hand painted Mongolian cabinet with bottom drawers NA038
Antique low sideboard cabinet with original paint NA008
Indian sideboard cabinet with antique doors CH59024897
Grant sideboard with stainless steel base DVT9881
Open sideboard with shelves CH59028267
Low hand carved TV console cabinet CH59023575
Low hand carved TV console cabinet CH59023575a
Walton sideboard with glass doors DVT9804
Belle black sideboard with door design DVT9871
Vintage sideboard buffet cabinet MA070
Vintage walnut sideboard TV cabinet 20" deep MB068
Antique sideboard cabinet media console MB042
Vintage walnut sideboard TV cabinet media console MA079
Vintage walnut sideboard cabinet 20" deep MB073
Vintage walnut sideboard TV cabinet 20" deep MB069
Medium size sideboard cabinet dark grey NC006
Dark grey sideboard cabinet TV console NC002
Light grey sideboard buffet cabinet media console NA044
Grey sideboard cabinet media console NB006
Light blue sideboard cabinet media console NC002
Vintage light blue sideboard cabinet media console MB044
Grey sideboard cabinet media console MB003GR
Blue sideboard media console MC001
Blue sideboard cabinet with bottom drawers MC006
Antique large sideboard cabinet media console MA097
Small blue cabinet with glass doors NA042
Painted Mongolian style cabinet MB009BL
Navy blue medium sideboard media cabinet MA015nb
Blue sideboard media console MA015bl
Large blue sideboard TV cabinet MB002
Blue sideboard media console with drawers MB028BL
Turquoise sideboard media console with drawers MB028T
Hand painted medium cabinet media console MA005
Vintage 4 door sideboard cabinet media console MA014
Large blue credenza media cabinet MB034
Light turquoise sideboard media cabinet MA094
Emile wood and glass cabinet DOV2343
Hamilton white sideboard plasma cabinet DOV3201
Low white TV stand cabinet MB010
White medium size sideboard media cabinet MA015w
Large natural color sideboard credenza LE069
Natural wood credenza with center drawers LE087
Credenza or media console with lattice detail LE048
Natural sideboard cabinet media console with lattice detail MA077
Reclaimed wood sideboard media cabinet LE017
Low plasma TV cabinet with old doors CH59024264
Red sideboard media cabinet MC011
Red credenza with drawers MB024
Red small cabinet with glass doors NA041
Red sideboard media cabinet MB012R
Red sideboard media cabinet MA014
Painted Mongolian style cabinet MB009B
Black sideboard media console with drawers MB024b
Antique black sideboard or media cabinet LD014
Black sideboard media console with drawers MB028B
Vintage black medium cabinet media console MA006
Large multi door sideboard cabinet MA022
Vintage black sideboard media console LE039
Vintage black credenza media cabinet LD065
Vintage black credenza cabinet with iron base NA004
Hudson sideboard with mirror doors DOV9805
Digby small sideboard DOV9854
Reclaimed teak sideboard DVTAP067
Large vintage sideboard buffet cabinet LE008
Medium size sideboard media console NA013
Carved vintage low sideboard media console NB036
Antique large sideboard cabinet media console MA091
Artemis sideboard with mirror doors
Eleanor mirrored sideboard cabinet
Lichfield sideboard TV cabinet with slatted doors DOV162
Burns sideboard chest of drawers
Telford TV/plasma console cabinet
Travis sideboard TV console
Phelphs open sideboard or media console
Wright sideboard cabinet TV console
Wright 2 door sideboard media console
Harding TV console with drawers
Harding sideboard cabinet with center drawers
Olson sideaboard with glass doors
Olson sideboard with glass doors in white wash finish
Stern sideboard cabinet TV console
Dias sideboard cabinet media console
Blum sideboard cabinet media console
Astrid sideboard cabinet media console
Lasko sideboard cabinet media console
Faust plasma TV stand
Digby sideboard cabinet with glass doors

Coffee & Cocktail Tables
Old tree trunk side or coffee table NA015
Wood coffee table with iron base
Vintage Indian teak carved coffee table DVTAO034
Bristol wood and stone coffee table DVT866
Harlow wood and steel coffee table DVT169
Round steel and stone Stuart coffee table DVT2554
Vintage Indian teak carved coffee table FDTAO030
Vintage Indian teak carved coffee table FDTAO030J
Vintage Indian teak carved coffee table FDTAO030Z
Reclaimed wood square coffee table CH51003635
Reclaimed wood and metal coffee table LB035
Palermo stone top coffee table DOV5024
Square coffee table with iron base KC077
Chelsea metal and wood coffee table DVT108
Kingston Coffee Table DOV325
Large vintage coffee table LD048
Dagney stone top coffee table
Grant wood and brushed steel coffee table DOV9890
Grant wood and brushed steel square coffee table DOV9891

Writing desk with iron legs RA7448
Bryanston metal and wood desk DOV3223
Black desk with 3 drawers MB025B
Blue desk with 3 drawers MB025BL
Small blue desk with 2 drawers MB026BL
Turquoise desk with 3 drawers MB025T
Small turquoise desk with 2 drawers MB026T
Red desk with 3 drawers MB025R
Natural reclaimed wood desk with drawers LE049
Desk with drawers and filing cabinet FDT793
Curvy mahogany desk
Curba desk NTDES111
Colonial writing desk
Ferret desk
Sutton desk
Portuguese desk NTDES115
Elise writing desk DVT577
Spanish style desk with iron base DOV9812

Dining Tables
Napa round 60" dining table
Arturo round dining table in grey brown DVTAF1983GB
Castelli round dining table with pedestal base DOVT195LT
Pedestal table JAL7001
Dublin round dining table DVT903
Emil round pedestal dining table with iron rim DOV5026
Francisco pedestal dining table JAL7001LUC
Live edge dining table with stainless steel legs DOV2891
Trestle dining table with extensions
Hawkins slim dining table DVT5155
Natural reclaimed wood dining table MA075
Pike dining table with granite and wood top DVT5151
Montecito dining table FDT1000
Dining table with iron base KC073
Roma Dining Table DOV2806
Julian Dining Table DOV241
Malaga dining table DOV2006
Middleton dining table DOV3204
Byron dining table DOV9841
Kingsdale dining table DOV2110
Winslow dining table DOV3419
Blackburn dining table DOV3500
Chauncey stone top dining table DOV5113
William bistro table DOV5126
Reclaimed wood square kitchen table RA9013
Parquet top dining table with stainless steel base DOV762
Solano large teak dining table
Ford Metal & Wood Bar Table DVT742
Teak bar table DVTSHR11

Doors, Screens & Window Panels
Antique carved divider door on iron stand
Set of large antique doors JA049
Antique Chinese screen GH037
Antique Chinese screen GH037C
Antique Chinese screen GH037B

Small dresser grey finish NC004G
Medium size teak dresser 59025179
Reclaimed wood tall dresser MC019
Burns sideboard chest of drawers
Reclaimed wood 9 drawer dresser FDT2564
Small dresser with marble top FDT348
Howell dresser DOV9820
Dresser with metal top AK209
Tall boy black dresser
Hampton small chest TAB245
Medium size black dresser hand painted FDT1047
Large black dresser hand painted FDT1075
Tall boy white dresser
Large turquoise solid wood dresser MB022T
Medium size turquoise dresser MB023T
Large blue solid wood dresser MB022BL
Medium size blue dresser MB023BL
Large red solid wood dresser MB022R
Medium size red dresser MB023R
Medium size black dresser MB023B
Large black solid wood dresser MB022B
Reclaimed wood dresser MB052

Mirrors, Paintings & Wall Decor
Antique Tibetan window panels (pair)
Marco standing mirror with reclaimed wood frame DOV1206
Silver metal floor mirror DOVAO013
Peacock frame round mirror with antique white finish
Rectangular natural wood mirror UT09508
Large wood mirror UT09505
Rustic bronze mirror UT07043
Marine style round mirror UT07656
Silver oval mirror UT13773
Silver rectangular mirror UT14492
Large silver and metal mirror UT07640
Champagne aluminum large mirror UT07638
Carved metal mirror UT11182
Set of small antiqued square mirror UT13555
Mirror with recycled wood frame LA002b
Mirror with recycled wood frame LA002
Mirror with recycled wood frame LA002
Gold Indonesian Buddha mask SSHMU24

Nightstands, Smaller Cabinets, Side Tables, Stands
Metal and wood Bryanston side table nightstand DVT3222
Hazel round side table DVT2379
Erie nesting round tables set of 2 DVT8136
Tall cabinet with 10 drawers CH59024463
Hand carved white cabinet CH59021555
Medium size cabinet with lattice doors LE021
Wood and glass vintage cabinet CH59024382
Blue small cabinet LA057
Small recycled wood cabinet LA067
Elm wood nightstand with shelf JB048
Recycled wood side table LA008
Recycled wood side table LA008
Old farmer's stool KC070
Painted side table with shlef LA041
Old wood side table KC049
Reclaimed wood side table CH51003636
Matise end table DVT337
Matise End Table DOV337
Tall wooden stand DVTY064
Reclaimed wood stand IF062
Small side table LA026
Silver drum side table
Bacca small cabinet with glass doors AJ006
Palermo stone top side table

Nantucket side chair in Cement Herringbone AT558-CH
Jasper dining chair in Sand CH53005026
Jasper dining chair in Steel CH53005028
Carter dining chair in Taupe CH53005996
Whitford dining chair in Light Grey CH53006401
Ronan arm chair in Black CH53005236
Hallman dining chair DVT3422
London occasional leather chair AT11701-AS
London leather love seat AT11702-AS
Cloister red leather dining chair
Cloister red leather counter stool
Cloister red leather bar stool
Cloister leather counter stool
Cloister leather bar stool
Cloister leather bench AT332-OT
Cloister red leather bench 60" AT332-RB
Weston leather dining chair AT552-AS
Weston leather dining chair in London Fog AT552-LF
Weston leather bar stool in London Fog AT552B-LF
Weston counter leather stool in London Fog AT552C-LF
Weston leather bar stool AT552B-AS
Weston leather counter stool AT552C-AS
Weston leather bench AT329-AS
Weston leather bench in London Fog AT329-LF
Weston leather ottoman AT572-AS
Claremont dining chair
Claremont leather bar stool
Claremont leather counter stool
Madison leather club chair AT28201-LF
Madison Red leather chair AT28201-RB
Madison leather club chair AT28201-AS
Manchester leather chair
Manchester leather settee
Santiago leather bench AT612-AS
Santiago leather dining chair AT635-AS
Santiago leather ottoman AT614-AS
Santiago leather bar stool AT635B-AS
Santiago leather counter stool AT635C-AS
Saddle leather counter stool AT007C-AS
Saddle leather bar stool AT007B-AS
Saddle leather bar stool AT007B-LF
Saddle counter leather stool AT007C-LF
Monastery leather arm chair AT408-OT
Monastery side chair fabric and leather AT308-OTMB
Monastery leather bench AT188-OT
Tribecca leather side chair in London Fog AT600-LF
Tribecca leather side chair AT600-AS
Ford metal and wood bar stool DOV579
Ford metal and wood stool DOV597
Olivia dining chair DVT2707
Weston Dining Chair EL08
Bella dining chair DVT110
Provence dining chair DVT300
Upholstered wood bench FDT391
Dawson teak bench DVT4801
Canning dining chair wood and grey linen DOV3215
Alice dining chair with turned legs DOV868
Laurel velvet dining chair DOV3223
Inez dining chair with French legs DOV2349
Dining chair with linen slipcover DOV2252
Arras wood and linen dining chair DOV1521
Cassis oak and linen dining chair DOV857
Portebello bistro chair DOV036
Bollene Art Nouveau style settee DOV2346
Large antique bench NC017

Unique Items & Accessories
Teak bar counter with wine rack CH59028206
Iron wine table with storage DVTAP077
Truro iron bar cart DVTAH137
Antique walnut trunk LA024

Terra Nova Custom Pieces & Previously Sold
Red cabinet JB018
Tall painted armoire JD086
Tall painted armoire JD086
Console table 5 drawers ID014b
Black sideboard with stone top JB028
Recycled wood glass cabinet JD048
Recycled wood glass door cabinet JD045
Recycled wood glass cabinet JD069
Distressed white sideboard JB037
Recycled wood console table IC022
Red armoire JB001
Painted 4door console IB021
Painted console HA035
Recycled wood sideboard JB070
Asian console ID046
Asian painted tall cabinet HE099
Metal frame console table HD079
Painted elm wood bookshelf GD021
Painted black bookshelf GD008
Painted 2 door red cabinet GD006
Recycled wood distressed armoire JD053
Recycled wood 2 door glass cabinet JD043
White TV Cabinet JB017
Reclaimed wood armoire JD033
Recycled wood entertainment cabinet HD031
Recycled wood glass door cabinet JD038
Console table with drawers KA032
Painted console table KC030
Reclaimed wood double armoire P203
Recycled wood glass cabinet JD046
Green console table with drawers KC103
Rustic console table with drawers KA090
Vintage blue sideboard KC089
Antique painted sideboard JC022
Antique large side board cabinet JC013
Reclaimed wood sideboard cabinet LA022a
Antique carved low sideboard cabinet LA019
Antique blue painted sideboard KC089b
Antique painted console KA075
Antique hand painted cabinet KA087
Vintage turquoise sideboard KC089t
Reclaimed wood armoire KA050
White cabinet KC088
Blue nightstand KC090
Old wood and iron coffee table KC081
Slim tall Asian cabinets KA058
Large bookcase JD079
Painted console KA106
Green storage cabinet LA127
Metal and wood coffee table KC083
Old wood and iron side table KC078
Antique blue large sideboard media cabinet LD007
Antique painted Mongolian cabinet KC102
Antique walnut sideboard cabinet LD002
Reclaimed wood painted sideboard LD104
Antique walnut sideboard cabinet media console buffet LD041
Antique turquoise table KC068
Slim sofa back console table LB016
Antique large console table with drawers LD011
Small blue table with drawers LA018
Slim sofa back console table LB037
Antique small console table with drawers
Antique large armoire LA029
Antique red armoires JD019
Recycled wood glass door cabinet KA078
Carved sideboard with antique doors
Red cabinet KC088
Antique large sideboard cabinet LD044
Reclaimed wood low media console with drawers LD114
Hand painted reclaimed wood media cabinet LD102
Antique walnut media console sideboard cabinet LD038
Antique sideboard cabinet LA021
Carved sideboard with antique doors
Antique sideboard cabinet
Reclaimed wood media console/sideboard cabinet/buffet
Antique medium sideboard cabinet LA061
Reclaimed wood desk LA066
Desk with stone top detail JB042
Reclaimed wood desk LA066
Recycled wood bench LA074
Antique long bench IF015
Antique long bench IF015a
Old wood bench LA046
Antique console table with red drawer LA084
Antique large sideboard or media cabinet LD079
Antique medium size media cabinet sideboard buffet with original paint LD050
Antique red media cabinet LD095
Antique armoire KA056
Tall teak cabinet with antique carved doors FDTRA7422
Brown nightstand KC090
Old wood and iron side table KC076
Antique storage trunk with original hadware LD021
Large tall cabinet with antique doors CH59024338
Antique camphor wood wedding cabinet CK086
Antique Chinese red wedding cabinet LA022
Recycled wood glass cabinet JD050
Reclaimed wood sideboard media cabinet LD034
Antique medium size sideboard LA010
Pair of antique compound cabinets KC036
Tall slim cabinet with glass door
Antique painted cabinet or media console LD094
Antique Chinese medicine cabinet LE038
Antique natural sideboard buffet or media cabinet LD060
Vintage sideboard media cabinet LD073
Recycled wood black sideboard cabinet LD093
Large light blue sideboard media cabinet LD035
Light finish sideboard cabinet FDT6003
Antique black sideboard cabinet media console LE042
Antique rust color sideboard cabinet media console LE027
Antique sideboard cabinet JC036
Dark finish large sideboard cabinet buffet LE094
Antique painted console JD007
Antique painted console JD007
Antique sideboard cabinet LA010
Blue cabinet KC088
Antique small console table with drawer LE105
Natural console table with drawers LE016
Solid wood coffee table KC093
Natural tall armoire cabinet LA014
Recycled wood armoire JD032
Antique large sideboard cabinet LD012
Antique painted sideboard buffet media cabinet with original paint LD022
Vintage teak trunk RA5478
Wood and metal coffee table KC085
Reclaimed wood distressed nightstand IC062
Painted small cabinet KC100
Old wood side table with iron base KC080
Elm wood tall red nightstand JD090
Elm wood tall brown nightstand JD090
Reclaimed wood nightstand JD087
Large black sideboard buffet or media console LD077
Antique black sideboard cabinet LD018
Antique black sideboard or media cabinet LE030
Vintage dark blue sideboard media console MA010
Reclaimed wood sideboard media cabinet LD034
Antique hand carved low sideboard cabinet LD111
Antique white media console sideboard cabinet LD040
Antique large chest of drawers LE007
Vintage sideboard credenza cabinet LE071
Black console table with drawers LD042
Antique blue sideboard credenza cabinet LE074
Reclaimed wood sideboard cabinet with center drawers LE095
Antique low carved sideboard media console LD110a
Natural wood large sideboard cabinet media console LE012
Reclaimed wood hand painted media console MA015
Old wood bookcase LA051
Large vintage sideboard media cabinet LD004
Antique medium size walnut cabinet LB007
Large sideboard cabinet media console LE043
Large vintage sideboard media cabinet LD047
Natural vintage media console sideboard cabinet buffet LD059
Antique sideboard cabinet LA012
Recycled wood low TV cabinet media console LD023
Antique large sideboard or media cabinet LD061
Vintage medium size media cabinet or sideboard CH59023974
Antique large walnut cabinet KC012
Natural finish credenza sideboard media cabinet LE090
Vintage sideboard media cabinet LD063
Large natural color sideboard credenza LE072
Antique walnut sideboard cabinet MA056 SOLD
Antique small console table with drawers LE028
One of a kind carved Cal King bed CH59914576
Large natural sideboard cabinet media console LE092
Organic coffee table BT203
Large blue sideboard cabinet LD062C
Antique red and black Mongolian cabinet MB075
Antique medicine cabinet JB062
Vintage hand carved teak armoire CH52010140
Antique walnut tall cabinet KC005
Vintage carved console table CH59010649
Turquoise sideboard media console MA011
Antique sideboard cabinet media console MB051
Antique walnut sideboard media console MB071
Carved antique console table with drawers LD045
Large antique sideboard cabinet LD064
Antique console table with drawers LE036
Vintage console table with top storage CH59011121
Antique Mongolian cabinet with original paint NA009
Reclaimed wood media console-blue LD034
Antique carved console table LD001
Antique hand carved console table LD088
Antique carved console table LD085
Slim console table with carved details LD087
Reclaimed wood sideboard cabinet with blue detail NA001
Vintage black sideboard media console LE013
Large vintage sideboard media console LE091
Antique red sideboard buffet cabinet with original paint MC029
Vintage sideboard media cabinet LD006
Large vintage sideboard media cabinet LD010
Vintage bench LE076
Navy blue nightstand MA016nb
Blue nightstand MA016bl
Reclaimed wood blue nightstand MA017bl
Reclaimed wood black nightstand MA017b
Black nightstand MA016b
Tall side table KC008
Reclaimed wood red nightstand LD107
Turquoise nightstand MA016tr
Small turquoise cabinet KA047a
Console table with drawers CH59011189
Multi color chest of drawers cabinet MB029
Low multicolor chest of drawers MB030

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